LA2YUA (23)

Icom IC-H12 and IC-H16T Service Manual

I acquired several Icom IC-H12 radios, and some IC-H16Ts including original issue Service Manuals for them. Here are links to some scanned documentation. The H16T service manual is widely available, but I scanned the foil pages since Icom official scans are useless there. Several notes on adjustments and mods  Note:…

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CRCD83(A) RAMBUS Clock Generator as a Local Oscillator for Radios

To investigate a simple way of generating local oscillators for my UHF transmitter, the CDCR83 was put on a 4 layer board and fed with frequencies from 10-150 MHz at various multiplication settings. As usual a bag of these was found on eBay and as such there was some incentive to find a use for them.

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NDK 110E39 Crystal Filter

Background: a set of 110.51 MHz filters were acquired on eBay per usual, and I ended up with around 400 of them. Part number was 110E39. No data sheet was available, though a potentially related data sheet for 90 MHz filters in the same package was available from NDK. Here…

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