Behringer DCX2496 Failed Update Recovery

I bricked my DCX2496 while updating the firmware, but I got it back.

I decided to update my DCX2496 from FW 1.14 to 1.16 using Behringers software. This update failed, with the software reporting a failure.

This bricked the unit and it would stay at the boot splash.

Recovery is possible from this state by rebooting the unit while holding the A channel button, this puts it into software load mode.

I was able to successfully update the software to 1.16 by using the DCX Remote 1.16a software.

Updated: I have been informed by a Brazilian reader that the 1.16a software didn't work for them. It may have been a coincidence that it worked for me. Manually flashing the ROM should work in all cases.

I then decided to read back the EEPROM (AM29F040B) and archive it in case of failure. This way you could simply pop out the EEPROM and rewrite it in a EEPROM burner and skip the entire remote software.

Note that this EEPROM image contains my settings, I suggest either writing down all the settings or using the DCX Remote software over RS-232/485 to download all your settings before update. Then you can upload these after the update to restore your settings.

Note also that the .bin file provided by Behringer has some kind of compression or an offset involved so it can't be written directly to the EEPROM (it's a socketed EEPROM... Come on Behringer.).

Download link:

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