Icom IC-H12 and IC-H16T Service Manual

I acquired several Icom IC-H12 radios, and some IC-H16Ts including original issue Service Manuals for them.

Here are links to some scanned documentation. The H16T service manual is widely available, but I scanned the foil pages since Icom official scans are useless there.

Icom IC-H12 Service Manual Icom IC-H12 Service Manual.pdf  
Icom IC-H12 Trimming Note Icom IC-H12 Trimming.pdf Note: Norwegian

Several notes on adjustments

and mods

Icom IC-H12_H16_V200_Randoms.pdf Note: Norwegian
Foil pages for the H16T Icom IC-H16T-Foils.pdf  
Icom CM-60 schematic Icom CM-60 Schematic.pdf  


The H12 may have completely different crystal frequencies than listed; these were often custom ordered for a given customer. If you're modding one make sure you check the actual crystals in your unit.

I suspect the Icom IC-M12 marine radio is basically the same rig with a different face plate.

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