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Radio related stuff, mostly commercial

VXR-9000 PA Failure, Fan Failure, Funky CTCSS, Fun PA De-Capping

PA Failure, Fan FailureRecently we became aware of a failure in one of our VHF repeaters, users claimed the output power was significantly worse while the sensitivity was the same. During an initial field survey we noted the fan running continuously, but were primarily looking for antenna related issues. As…

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Icom IC-H12 and IC-H16T Service Manual

I acquired several Icom IC-H12 radios, and some IC-H16Ts including original issue Service Manuals for them. Here are links to some scanned documentation. The H16T service manual is widely available, but I scanned the foil pages since Icom official scans are useless there. Several notes on adjustments and mods  Note:…

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